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Kakao Data Center Ansan As Kakao’s first in-house data center, Kakao Data Center Ansan is a hyperscale data center that can operate and store 4,000 racks and 120,000 servers. The main facade spatially materializes Kakao’s vision of providing meaning beyond connectivity through the ‘Crack’ on the south side where technology, represented by the data center and the Campus Innovation Park, meets the local community and people of the city of Ansan and Hanyang University ERICA Campus.
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Space Information

  • 47,378.74Square meters
    floor areas
  • +6 / -16 Stories and
    1 Basement Level
  • 2023Project

In order to promote communication within the local community and data security, the Operation Building in the front and the Computer Building in the rear were placed into distinct wings in consideration of the surrounding context and security hierarchy. Situated along the main pedestrian circulation, the lower floors of the Operation Building are accessible to the general public. Simultaneously, rest areas such as lounges named Crack between the office spaces of the Operation Building are designed to capture the meaning of connectivity and communication. To further maximize the use of new renewable energy, solar panels are actively installed not only on the rooftop but also on the elevation of the Computer Building. The implementation of non-standardized and natural landscape planning, the warm sensibility of brickwork, and folding doors that link the interior and exterior on the pedestrian-scale lower floors were to foster harmony with the local community


Kakao Data Center Ansan

  • Location Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Program Industrial
  • Area 47,379m²
  • Floors 6 Stories and 1 Basement Level
  • Year 2023
  • Awards BIM Awards 2021
    BuildingSMART Korea Chairman’s Award

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