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Winning the world's three major design awards

SAMOO, at the 40th anniversary this year 2016, has been the first architectural design firm in Korea, won all of the world’s three major design awards; Red Dot, iF Design Award, and International Design Excellence Award. It has been the momentum to introduce the SAMOO’s design excellence globally, winning Red Dot 2014 for the national library of Sejong city, iF Design Award 2016 for SFMI Global Campus and IDEA 2016 for the presidential archives of Sejong. We are continuing to promote and develop Korean architecture culture throughout providing quality design and solutions.

[Link to “National Library of Sejong City” - Red Dot 2014]
[Link to “SFMI Global Campus” - iF Design Award 2016]
[Link to “The Presidential Archives of Sejong” - IDEA 2016]

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