Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute

    Seocheon-gun, Korea
    2 Stories and 1 Basements
    Winner, Design Competition(Turn-Key), 2009
    Architecture of The Year Best 7, 2013
    Superior Award, Korean Architecture Award, 2013
    Korea Green Building Award, 2013
    Grimshaw Architects, Top Architects & Associates, 2HM Architects & Associates
    Living and communicating with nature, Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute reflects the ecosystem of the earth that unfurls the grand epic of nature. The Ecorium has the following three key concepts. First, ‘From the Nature’, which expresses the vigorous and dynamic energy through the motive of organic lines of nature and becomes a representative symbol of National Ecological Institute. Also, the entry plaza made by the naturally open ground functions as a new gate for the communication with the ecosystem. Second, ‘Be the Nature’, the Ecorium reproduces the ecological environment of the earth by the up-to-date technology and its know-how. For which, we decide the position of each green house and evenly distribute the natural lighting by analyzing the Sun path, and also create an optimum growth environment through shadow simulations to prohibit the green houses from shading one another. Third, ‘With the Nature’, which is a complex ecological experience space inducing people to immerse themselves in and communicate with nature. As a base of ecological research, experience-centered education, and lively exhibition, Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute will become a green landmark leading the low carbon green society.
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